Maine Coon 101

Here is everything about Maine Coon, cat breed, cat size, history, common health issues, etc


What’s the Average Maine Coon Cat’s Weight?

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When kittens don't grow as heavy as they should, their parents worry about their kittens' health. Should they be worried they are so small?


How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Maine Coon(6 Simple Steps)?

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A Maine Coon cat is hard to forget - Their distinctive looks and personality often lead people to wonder - is my cat part Maine Coon? Why does this question matter?

Where Do Maine Coons Get Their Name?


Discover why Maine Coons are one of America's oldest and most beloved breeds of domestic cats. Get your Maine Coon today!


Maine Coon VS Norwegian Forest Cat: Size & Differences

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Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat are two of the most popular and beloved long-haired cat breeds in the world. But how can you tell them apart?


7 Facts Why Maine Coon Cats Are Smart

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Maine Coon are often considered one of the smartest cat breeds. But did you know that why Maine Coon cats are so smart?


Can You Buy A Short Hair Maine Coon Cat?

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Is there a natural short hair Maine Coon cat? Can you buy short hair Maine Coon cat? Check out the truth here.


Maine Coon Kitten Development Stages: How Big Should Your Cat Be?

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If you raise a Maine Coon kitten, you might want to know what to expect from its development stages. Check out how big they can grow week by week.


Can You Keep A Maine Coon Indoors?

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Considering the extraordinary size and active personality of Maine Coons, can you keep them as indoor cats? Find out the answer here.


Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic? Personal experience and Vet Tips

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Many people love the Maine Coon, the most popular cat breed in the US, but they may wonder: Can I have a Maine Coon if I'm allergic to cats? Check out personal experience and vet tips.


White Maine Coon Breed Info: Pictures, Personality and Traits

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Kefir might be the first white Maine Coon cat that leaves you great impression. These cats are nothing short of majestic. Learn more about cat breed, images and characteristic.

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