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We provide expert guidance on all aspects of Maine Coon ownership. From grooming to health problem, our team of experienced writers and veterinarians are here to help you give your feline friend the best possible care.


How Often Should You Take Your Maine Coon Cat to the Vet?

PawperCare Team

Vet visits for shots, exams, prevention, and illness treatment all help your Maine Coon stay in good shape. But how often should you go?

Capstar Oral Flea Treatment for Cats Review

PawperCare Team

Capstar is an oral flea treatment for cats that kills adult fleas quickly and safely. It paralyzes and kills fleas within 30 minutes. Find out more about Capstar cat flea treatment.


What Are Maine Coon Cat Dietary Needs?

PawperCare Team

As one of the largest cat breed, Maine Coon cat dietary needs are a bit different than other cats. So what are their dietary needs?


When Do Maine Coon Cats Shed and How to Stop?

PawperCare Team

Cat shedding is a problem. You may wonder when does your Maine Coon cat shed and how to deal with the hair. Check out now.


Don’t Declaw Your Maine Coon! Here Is Why.

PawperCare Team

Learn the truth about declawing your cat and the harmful consequences it can have. Find out safer alternatives to protect your furniture and your furry friend.


Should You Let Your Maine Coon Cat Go Outside?

PawperCare Team

Maine Coons' outgoing and adventurous personality make them seem like natural outdoor explorers. But is it dangerous for them to go outside?


How To Take Care of An Elderly Maine Coon Cat?

PawperCare Team

As your Maine Coon cat get older, how to take care of them is a problem. Check out Maine Coon common health issues and more caring tips now.


Can You Leave Maine Coon Kitten Alone?

PawperCare Team

Can leave your Maine Coon kitten alone for some time? Is there any unknown danger? Check out here.

How to Take Care of A Indoor Maine Coon Cat In Winter?

PawperCare Team

Maine Coons are beautiful and majestic cats that can adapt well to cold weather, but do we need to provide special care for our Maine Coon cat? Check out now.


Maine Coon Cat Grooming Techniques: Step By Step Guide

PawperCare Team

Grooming is always a huge challenge for new pet parents, let alone trimming your cat's nails. Let me break it down step by step.

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