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Do Female Maine Coon Cats Spray?

PawperCare Team

One of the most frustrating things about owning a cat is the urine elimination or spraying. Peeing outside the litter box can mean different than spraying. How to do with cat's spraying?


Male Cats Making Love…Wait, Can Cats Be Gay?

PawperCare Team

You might see two male cats making love on your bed. But can cats be gay? Do you need to worry about?


5 Reasons Why Does Your Cat Lick You

PawperCare Team

You might have experienced your cat enthusiastically licking you. Is it good or bad? Why are my cat licking me?


How Long Are A Maine Coon Cat In Heat and What to Do?

PawperCare Team

If you cat start meowing at night frequently, squatting on floor or rubbing against furniture constantly, he/she may be in heat, but for how long? What you should do?


How To Train A Maine Coon Kitten?


Learn how to provide necessary supplies, establish rules and routines and provide socialization for your Maine Coon kitten to ensure they become a well-mannered companion. Get started now!


3 Interesting Reasons Why Your Maine Coon Cats Like Water

PawperCare Team

Maine Coon cat seems to be the only exception in cat that don't get panic when encountering with water. But why. Find out three interesting reasons here.


Can Maine Coon Cats Swim In Water?

PawperCare Team

Cat usually get panic when they encounter water. But Maine Coon it? Can they swim in the water?


What Are the Unique Behavioral Traits of Maine Coon Cats?

PawperCare Team

Discover the unique behavioral traits of Maine Coon cats and how they differ from other cats.


Do You Understand Your Maine Coon’s Vocalizations?

PawperCare Team

Maine coon are considered the most vocal cats. They are talkative. And they can also meow, chirp, trill, howl, hiss, and growl. But do you understand they vocalizations?


Maine Coon and Dogs: Can They Live Together?

PawperCare Team

Will cat and dog hurt each other when living together? Can they get along? Let me share some experience of how to get my Maine Coon and dog live together.

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