13 Biggest and Famous Maine Coon Cats You Must See

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If you are fascinated by the size and beauty of Maine Coons, you might wonder which one is the biggest of them all. Maine Coons are among the most giant breeds of domestic cats in the world, along with the Norwegian Forest Cats. But who holds the record for the biggest and longest Maine Coon cat ever?

In this article, we will introduce you to the largest and famous Maine Coon cat on record.

The record belongs to Stewie, a gray tabby Maine Coon, whose full name was Mymains Stewart Gilligan. He measured an impressive 48.5 inches long. 

Sadly, Stewie passed away from cancer in 2013, and the record was then given to Barivel, who is still alive. Barivel is 47.2 inches long.

This majestic breed has been making history for a long time, and has earned several Guinness World Records, such as the ‘World’s Largest Domesticated Cat Breed ‘and the ‘Cat With The Longest Whiskers ‘.

Read on to learn more about the giant Maine Coon cat that has the record for being the longest Maine Coon cat in the world.

History of Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is one of the oldest and largest natural breeds of domestic cats in North America. 

Many myths and legends surround the origin of this breed, but the most likely explanation is that it is a cross between domestic cats and Angora cats brought to Maine by sailors or settlers. 

The Maine Coon cat has a distinctive appearance and personality and is known for its long and thick fur, its tufted ears and paws, its expressive eyes, and its gentle and playful temperament. 

The Maine Coon cat is also very intelligent, loyal, and affectionate and is often called “the gentle giant” of the cat world.

The Maine Coon cat was popular in cat shows in the late 19th century, but its popularity declined in the early 20th century when long-haired breeds from overseas were introduced. 

The Maine Coon cat was almost extinct by the 1950s. Still, thanks to the efforts of some dedicated breeders and enthusiasts, it was revived and recognized as a specific breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1976. 

The Maine Coon cat is now the third most popular pedigree cat breed in the world and the official state cat of Maine.


According to the Guinness World Records, Stewie, whose full name was Mymains Stewart Gilligan, was the longest domestic cat.

He was a Maine Coon cat, one of the largest breeds of domestic cats in the world. He measured an amazing 48.5 inches in 2010, when he was 5. He lived in Reno, Nevada, with his owner Robin Hendrickson.

He was also a registered therapy animal that visited a local senior center regularly, until he passed away from cancer in 2013 at the age of 8.

After Stewie’s death, his record was given to Barivel, another Maine Coon cat, who is still alive and measures 47.2 inches long. Barivel lives in Italy with his owner, Cinzia Tinnirello.

If you want to see Stewie in action, watch this video from the Guinness World Records YouTube channel: [Stewie the world’s longest domestic cat].

The World’s Longest Domestic Cat – Guinness World Records


Barivel is the current biggest Maine Coon cat in the world, even though he is slightly shorter than Stewie, who was the previous record holder.

Barivel is a black and white Maine Coon cat, who lives in Vigevani, Italy. He was born in September 2016, and his name means clown or joker in Italian. He is officially the longest-living domestic cat in the world, measuring 120cm (3ft 11 inches) (47.2 inches) long in May 2018.

Barivel is a social media star, with thousands of followers on his Instagram account, where he posts pictures and videos of his daily life.

Barivel: The Longest Cat in the World! – Guinness World Records

However, Barivel is not a very outgoing or confident cat. He is actually quite shy and quiet, and prefers to stay close to his owner. He is a gentle and sweet Maine Coon, who loves to cuddle and play.


Ludo is a giant Maine Coon cat who lives in Wakefield, UK. He was once the world’s longest domestic cat, according to the Guinness World Records.

He measured 118.33 cm and weighed a staggering 34 pounds, which is much more than the average male Maine Coon cat, who weighs between 15 and 25 pounds.

However, Ludo’s record was short-lived, as Barivel soon surpassed him. Barivel is 120 cm long, slightly longer than Ludo, who is 3 feet and 10.59 inches long.

Ludo is a friendly, sociable, and easy-going cat who loves cuddles. He shares his home with three other Maine Coon cats.

Longest cat – Guinness World Records


Cygnus was a huge Maine Coon cat who lived in Detroit, Michigan, USA, with his human parents and three cat siblings.

According to the Guinness World Records, he had the ‘Longest Tail On A Domestic Cat.’ His tail measured 44.66 cm (17.58 inches) from the tip to the base. He also had the record for the longest domestic cat for a while.

His unique silver coat made him stand out from the other cats in his house.

Sadly, Cygnus and his brother Arcturus died in a house fire on November 12, 2017. They were friendly and kind cats who had a close bond. Their owners, Lauren and Will Powers, tried to save them by leaving the windows and doors open, but they could not survive the smoke inhalation. They are remembered as amazing and beautiful cats.

Tallest cat and longest tail ever! – Guinness World Records

Other Famous Maine Coon Cats to Follow


Omar is a handsome, friendly cat who loves to snuggle with his humans and show off his looks. He is close to his dad but is also warming up to his mom. Omar is a huge and gentle cat, one of the world’s largest breeds of domestic cats. He recently welcomed his new baby sister, Paige, and already adores her.

Tiara, Luna, and Lizzie

Tiara, Luna, and Lizzie are three Maine Coon sisters from Norway. They have a huge fan base of almost 300k followers. They are all very beautiful and fluffy, and they love to pose for the camera.


Roger is a handsome Maine Coon boy from Germany. He has stunning features and a striking coat. He has over 29k followers who admire his daily selfies and videos. He is very friendly and cuddly, and loves to play with his toys.

Hugo and Nemo

Hugo and Nemo are two playful and adorable Maine Coon friends from Germany. They have over 2k followers who enjoy their cute and funny antics. They are both very curious and adventurous and love to explore new things. They also love to snuggle and groom each other.


Sebastian is a gorgeous Maine Coon boy from Norway. He has over 16k followers who are mesmerized by his golden eyes and fluffy fur. He loves to dress up in bows and sunglasses, and show off his personality. He is very sweet and gentle, and loves to cuddle with his mom.


Bruno is a lovable Maine Coon boy from Spain. He has over 15k followers who adore his silly and charming look. He loves to squeeze into small spaces, fight with his brother Tomie, and climb his cat tree. He also loves to be picked up like a baby and eat his favorite food.

These are just some of the famous Maine Coon cats on Instagram, but there are many more that you can discover and follow. If you love Maine Coon cats, you will surely enjoy their amazing photos and videos.

Average Size of Maine Coon Cats

• Weight: Male Maine Coon cats usually weigh between 12 and 18 pounds, while female Maine Coon cats usually weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. 

However, some Maine Coon cats can be much heavier or lighter than these ranges, depending on their genetics, diet, and health. 

• Height: Male and female Maine Coon cats have similar heights, ranging from 10 to 16 inches. However, some Maine Coon cats can be taller or shorter than these ranges, depending on their genetics, posture, and grooming. 

• Length: Male and female Maine Coon cats also have similar lengths, ranging from 19 to 32 inches. This measurement includes the length of their tails, which can vary significantly. 

However, some Maine Coon cats can be longer or shorter than these ranges, depending on their genetics, age, and grooming. 

Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Large?

Maine Coon cats are so large because they have a slow growth rate that allows them to develop bigger bones and muscles than other cats. They can grow up to 3 to 5 years old, while most cats reach their full size at 1 to 1.5 years old.

Some people also believe that Maine Coon cats are so large because they are descended from Norwegian or Siberian forest cats, which are also large breeds. 

These cats may have been brought to Maine by early settlers or explorers, and adapted to the cold climate by growing thicker fur and larger bodies. However, this theory is not proven by genetic evidence. 

Another myth is that Maine Coon cats are so large because they are part raccoon. This is based on their similar markings and behaviors, such as washing their food with paws. However, this is impossible, as cats and raccoons cannot interbreed. 

5 Reasons for Having A Maine Coon Cat

Many qualities make Maine Coon cats great pets for many people. Here are some of them:

• Maine Coon cats are very affectionate, friendly, and good-natured. They love to spend time with their humans and other pets, without being overly demanding of attention. They are also very loyal and faithful, and will greet you when you come home. 

• Maine Coon cats are very intelligent and trainable. They have a natural curiosity and a playful personality and can learn tricks and commands easily. Some of them can even walk on a leash and play fetch. They are also very vocal and can communicate with you with their unique sounds. 

• Maine Coon cats are very beautiful and majestic. They have long and thick fur, tufted ears and paws, expressive eyes, and a fluffy tail. They come in various colors and patterns, each with its own charm and character. They are also graceful and elegant, with a regal look that makes them stand out. 

• Maine Coon cats are relatively easy to groom and care for. Despite their long and fluffy fur, they do not shed as much as other long-haired breeds and do not need frequent brushing or bathing. They are also very healthy and robust, and have few genetic or hereditary health issues. They can live up to 15 years or more with proper care and nutrition. 

• Maine Coon cats are excellent hunters and mousers. They have a strong instinct to chase and catch prey and enjoy hunting and playing with toys. They can also adapt to different environments and climates and are not afraid of water or snow. They are very adventurous and fun-loving and will keep you entertained and amused. 

These are just some of the reasons to have a Maine Coon cat, but there are many more that you can discover and appreciate. If you love Maine Coon cats, you will surely enjoy their amazing company and companionship. They will brighten up your day and make you smile. 

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