Stop Feeding Your Maine Coon Cats Salmon.Here Is Why

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Salmon is a healthy and delicious fish that can provide your cat with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

However, salmon should not be the main or sole source of protein for your cat, as it is not a complete and balanced diet. 

Salmon is deficient in one of the essential amino acids that cats need, called taurine, which is vital for your cat’s heart, eyes, and brain. 

Salmon is also high in mercury and other pollutants, which can accumulate in your cat’s body and cause health problems.

Therefore, you should only feed your cat salmon as an occasional treat or supplement to your cat’s regular food, not more than once or twice a week, and only in small amounts. 

You should also choose fresh or frozen salmon that is cooked, unseasoned and de-boned. But avoid:

  • Canned or smoked salmon may contain salt, spices, or preservatives harmful to cats.
  • Raw salmon contains parasites or bacteria that can cause food poisoning or infections in your cat.

If you want to feed your cat salmon, you can also look for commercial cat foods containing salmon. 

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These cat foods are fortified with taurine and other nutrients that your cat needs, and they are certified by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) as complete and balanced for your cat’s life stage.

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