Best Large Cat Tree for Maine Coon Cats

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Maine Coon cats are one of the largest and most popular breeds of domestic cats.

They are known for their gentle, friendly, intelligent personalities and impressive size and appearance.

Maine Coon cats can weigh up to 20 pounds. So if you own a Maine Coon cat, you may want to provide them with a cat tree that can accommodate their needs and preferences.

A cat tree is a piece of furniture that offers your cat a place to scratch, climb, play, rest, and observe their surroundings.

Cat trees can benefit your cat’s physical and mental health and protect your furniture from their claws. But not all cat trees are suitable for Maine Coon cats.

Here are the best large cat trees on Amazon:

Best Overall: Prestige Maine Coon Cat Tree

Most users of Reddit also recommend it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

based on 350 ratings


Material: Real wood and plush carpet

Size: 24 x 24 x 65 inches

Weight: 75 Pounds


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Multiple perches
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Great for large and multiple-cat households
  • Provide a great view of the surrounding
  • Cozy and soft
  • Durable and satisfying scratching post

This is a cat tree for large cats like Maine Coons. It is made of wood, carpet, and rope. It has four perches, a scratching post and a big base. It is easy to put together.

I like this product because it provides comfort, fun, and stimulation for my cat. It is high-quality, durable, long-lasting cat furniture that accommodates my cat. It also has a neutral color that matches my home decor and looks elegant and majestic.

Best Design: MAU Modern Cat Tree

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

based on 574 ratings


Material: Sturdy, real tree branches

Size: 23.5 x 18 x 46 inches

Weight: 37.8 pounds


  • For large cats up to 23 pounds
  • Unique design
  • Machine washable cushion
  • Lower return rate

I like the design of this cat tree from Mau! It is a heavy-duty cat tree that can accommodate my large and fluffy Maine Coon. It is spacious, sturdy, and fun for large cats to climb, scratch, relax, and explore. It is also easy to assemble, with explicit instructions and easy-to-follow assembly videos.

Most Luxurious: QJM Modern Cat Tree

Material: High-quality wood

Size: 48 x 28 x 69 inches

Weight: 143 Pounds


  • Giant cat tree
  • Perfect for multiple-pet households
  • Heavy base

Spoil your cat with this cat castle! It’s almost the most giant cat tree I’ve ever seen. It’s a good choice for a big family if you have more than one cat. It has three platforms, one house, one hammock and one ladder. It’s indeed a lot of space!

Best Value: Feandrea Cat Tree

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

based on 13193 ratings


Material: real wood and plush carpet
Size: 26.8″L x 18.9″W x 39.8″H (68 x 48 x 101 cm)

Weight:31.5 lb (14.3 kg)

  • Large perch
  • for Extra Large Cats up to 44 lb
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Removable, washable cushion

This one is also a good choice for Maine Coon cats. The large perch on top offers plenty of space for your cat to stretch out or cuddle bugs to snuggle together. It’s also very easy to clean. It’s a high-quality cat tree with a budget under $100.

How to Pick A Large Cat Tree for Your Maine Coon Cats?

  • Size and Stability

The first thing you need to look for is the size and stability of the cat tree. 

Since Maine Coon cats are large and heavy, they need a cat tree that can support their weight and offer them enough space to move around comfortably. 

A small or flimsy cat tree may wobble or collapse under pressure, which can be dangerous for your cat and damage your floor.

You should look for a cat tree with a wide and sturdy base, a thick and durable post, and multiple platforms or perches to accommodate your cat’s size. 

The height of the cat tree should also match your cat’s preference. Some cats like to be as high as possible, while others prefer lower levels. 

You can measure your cat’s length and height to find the optimal dimensions for their cat tree.

  • Materials and Design

The next thing you need to consider is the materials and design of the cat tree. 

You want to choose a cat tree that is made of high-quality materials that are safe, comfortable, and durable for your cat. 

Common cat tree materials are wood, cardboard, carpet, fabric, sisal rope, and faux fur.

Avoid toxic, rough, or easily torn materials by your cat’s claws. You should also look for materials that are easy to clean and maintain, especially if your cat sheds a lot of fur or has allergies.

The design of the cat tree should also suit your cat’s personality and needs. 

Some cats like simple and minimalist designs, while others prefer elaborate and complex ones. You should look for a cat tree with features that appeal to your cat’s instincts and interests.

Common features of cat trees are scratching posts, tunnels, holes, hammocks, baskets, toys, and beds. 

Scratching posts are essential for your cat to sharpen their claws and mark their territory. 

Tunnels and holes are great for your cat to hide and explore. Hammocks and baskets are cozy places for your cat to nap and relax. Toys are fun ways for your cat to play and exercise. Beds are comfortable spots for your cat to sleep and rest.

You should also consider the color and style of the cat tree. Choose a cat tree that matches your home decor and does not clash with your furniture. 

  • Location and Placement

The last thing you need to consider is the cat tree’s location and placement. 

Choose a spot in your home that is convenient, safe, and attractive for your cat. Avoid placing the cat tree near windows or doors that may expose your cat to direct sunlight, cold drafts, or loud noises. 

You should also avoid placing the cat tree near appliances or wires that may pose a fire or electrocution hazard for your cat.

Look for a spot in your home that is spacious, quiet, and secure for your cat. You should also look for a spot that offers your cat a good view of their surroundings or outside scenery. 

Cats like to observe what is happening around them from a high vantage point.

You should also consider the traffic flow in your home when placing the cat tree. 

You want to place the cat tree in an accessible area but not too crowded for your cat. 

Avoid placing the cat tree in an area that is too isolated or too busy for your cat.

When placing the cat tree, you should also consider the preferences of other pets or family members in your home. Place the cat tree in an area that does not interfere with their activities or comfort.

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